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About Our Services

Tool & Engineering Services Ltd (T.E.S. Ltd) was formed in 1991 to specialise in the sale, hire & repair, of Pneumatic, Hydraulic, & Electric Tools. Since then times have changed! But the basic core of the business still exists today.

Many major Oil Companies, Chemical Plants & and Power Stations, still have contracts with T.E.S. for the supply of these services, which now include electrical P.A.T. Testing, and vibration testing, to conform to current legislation. With the major shift from “In House Maintenance”, to “Contracting” Many of these companies now choose to “hire in” these items, along with other larger items of plant. For this reason T.E.S. Ltd became more and more involved in “Plant Hire”

Now, predominantly T.E.S. Ltd is a hire company, supplying everything from large Telehandlers and Dumpers, to small sockets and spanners. All this equipment conforms, not just to European Standards, but to all local Oil Refinery and Power Station specification, which has enable T.E.S. Ltd to grow significantly over the past ten years.

This web site should give some detail as to those services offered, but should you not find the answer you require, then our helpful and knowledgeable staff at the end of a phone line will only be to pleased to oblige